The Spiritual Guidance Treatment
The combination of powerful super natural sense and spiritual philosophy will create the power and wise solutions to ice break the physical problem and mental disorder.  Moreover, the spiritual guidance therapy (combining of supra natural healing and spiritual philosophy) will not only recover someone from the diseases but also give him/her a life refreshment to empower his mind from being disoriented.


Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy and Empowerment Centre

Aura-chakra clinic provides several holistic treatments based on the combination of supra natural healing therapy and the spiritual philosophy, which each of therapy are very special and very efficient for healing, health & life empowerment and making prosperity. All clients are handled carefully by the Balian, who is the master in Reiki and Indonesian ancient spiritual healing methods.

What is supra natural healing therapy?

Supra natural healing therapy is an alternative healing technique using God Blessing and the power of natural energy from the universe (supra natural) that only talented high spiritual person can perform or lead this supra natural therapy because only talented high spiritual person knows and can use an ancient holy mantra to channeling with the necessity power.

The Mantra, which is used by the Balian, is not “a magic word”.  Mantra consists of spiritual words combining with the spiritual attitude and faith. In order to be able to master it, the Balian must study the mantra from a “Guru” within a long and painful time (hard and long faithful test, attitude and sacrifice) until the Balian’s manner reaches the certain level of holiness and faithfulness.

What is spiritual philosophy?

Spiritual philosophy is not based on certain believes but it is very universal spiritual sense that can represent solutions of the problem. To solve a problem with spiritual philosophy, the Balian must not speak or suggest the client according to his religion only but he must understand and respect other religion to get a wise suggestion to the client.

By I Made Adjana

What is spiritual guidance treatment?

Spiritual guidance treatment is the combination of supra natural healing and spiritual philosophy to empower someone in order to able to recover his/her health and give life refreshment.